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Hard Money Loans

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Trust Deed Investing

We have the information you need to become a Trust Deed Investor
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Fix and Flip Guide

Your guide for everything you need to know on your Fix and Flip venture
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Experienced & Trusted Hard Money Lender

  • We offer hard money loans on California Investment Real Estate
  • We specialize in lending to experienced Borrowers
  • We are committed and flexible in finding solutions for our Borrowers
  • We offer Trust Deed Investors 1st Trust Deed Notes that pay monthly
  • Our Investors can feel secure with the structure and quality documentation of our Trust Deeds


Why Trust Deed Capital?

  • We help Investors, Borrowers, Brokers and Realtors find solutions to their Real Estate Investment needs
  • We offer Competitive Rates and Low Fees
  • We have a Professional and Experienced Staff that has funded hundreds of transactions
  • We offer quick closings: Our process saves you time and money
  • We pride ourselves in providing you the best Customer Service and helping you grow your business


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