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How To Find the Best Hard Money Lenders For Your Next Real Estate Investment Deal

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Jul 22, 2014

You've got your eye on a property, and you’re ready to take action, but first you need to get your funding lined up. The bank isn't an option on this one and you don't want to lose the opportunity, so you are looking for a hard money lender to help you make this investment happen. If this sounds like you, then you need to know how to find the best hard money lenders.

Can They Fund You Quickly?

A good hard loan lender should be able to close the deal in 10 to 15 business days and sometimes even less than that. Anyone who takes longer without significant extenuating circumstances affecting the investment is just wasting your time. One of the major reasons investors like you choose hard money lenders is because they offer much better turnaround time than traditional lenders like banks.

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Flipping a House: Top 3 Ways to Stay on Budget and Avoid Unnecessary Debt

Posted by Ken Meyer on Thu, Jul 17, 2014

You want to flip a house to make money, right? It can be done with a little forethought and planning. Read on to find out the top 3 ways to stay on budget when flipping a house and avoid unnecessary debt.

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Understanding Hard Money Lenders: Who are they?

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Jul 15, 2014

Hard money lenders issue short-term loans for individuals who are seeking to purchase commercial or residential real estate. Some hard money lenders also extend funds for people who are purchasing land. Most hard money lenders work in private practice and do not utilize conventional financing standards when extending credit. Most borrowers use hard money lenders as a temporary loan that will need to be repaid with an agreed upon fee schedule for the term of the loan. Hard money lenders service a particular niche of buyers who can't acquire financing through conventional methods. Now that you know what a hard money lender is, you need to understand their unique structure of extending credit.

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5 Tips to Securing a Hard Money Loan

Posted by Ken Meyer on Thu, Jul 10, 2014

Hard money loans are easier to get than traditional loans, but that doesn't mean that getting qualified is as simple as just asking for the money. Here are five tips that can help you to get your loan more quickly.

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Five Home Improvements to Increase the Value of your REI (Real Estate Investment)

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Jul 08, 2014

If you're getting ready to sell a house and you want to maximize your selling price, of course you're going to want to make sure the house is in its best condition. On the other hand, unless you intend to spend years perfecting every minute detail, you're also going to want to make efficient home improvements, such that you minimize time and energy while maximizing the effect your work will have on the house's resale value. Here are five home improvements to increase the value of your REI (real estate investment) that you can probably do in just a few days without breaking the bank.

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Understanding the Hard Money Lending Process

Posted by Ken Meyer on Thu, Jul 03, 2014

A hard money loan provides a quick-fix for the house flipper searching for capital to fund their real estate investment project, and high-returns for the investor of the hard money loan.

But how does this whole hard money lending process work from beginning to end? Is it complicated or easy? What is the rate of returns for investors? How easy is it for a borrower to get their highly-anticipated approval?

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5 Questions to Ensure Success with Hard Money Financing

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Jul 01, 2014

When it comes to hard money financing, you might get intimidated when talking to a lender and not always knowing the right questions to ask. Lenders are there to help you with your current financial situation and guide you through the financing options that are best for you. Hard money loans allow more borrowers to participate since they are easier to obtain than traditional bank loans. If you are thinking about getting a hard money loan, we have 5 Questions to Ensure Success with Hard Money Financing that you need to know before applying for your loan.

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The Importance of a Good Relationship with your Contractor

Posted by Ken Meyer on Thu, Jun 26, 2014

Buying a rundown or marginal residential or commercial property and then rehabbing it is one of the best ways to make a significant return on a property investment. Still, purchasing the property is only the first step.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Hard Money for Your Next Flip

Posted by Ken Meyer on Thu, Jun 19, 2014

Flipping a property is one of the most exciting and potentially profitable real estate deals that any investor can make. Still, finding the money to make one of these deals can be problematic. Seasoned investors know that private or “hard” money is an excellent, alternative option for financing when traditional funding sources are not available for one reason or another. Here are some of the reasons why:


Investors with private or “hard” money make their own decisions without having to report to an oversight or approval board. As such, they can invest in any deal that makes financial sense to them. The bottom line is there is more money for non-traditional loans or deals that wouldn't have a chance at getting funded by a bank.

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Tips for Working with Hard Money Lenders

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Jun 17, 2014

For those borrowers new to hard money lending, there are increasingly more lenders springing up eager to capture your business. While the process of obtaining a hard money loan is neither complex nor difficult to come by, you do want to educate and prepare yourself so that when you need to pull the trigger on getting your hard money loan, you can act swiftly. Here are some simple tips to help you out.

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