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Hard Money Lender Investors

3 Renovations That are Better Left As They Are

Is Multifamily Property a Good First Investment?

How to Handle Problems in California that Arise After a Flip

4 Calculations Real Estate Investors Should Know By Heart

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3 Main Types of Home Buyers

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Tips for Managing Your Contractors Effectively

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4 Best Ways to Start Investing in Real Estate Later In Life

The Real Estate Maxim to Take with a Grain of Salt

California Voters Nix Proposition 10, More Rent Controls

2 Potential Maintenance Hazards to Look Out For

Investors: Are Hoarder Houses Worth It?

3 Ways to Make Landlording Less Hands-On

5 Problems to Look for Before Investing in Rental Properties in California

5 Tips About Security Deposits

3 Compelling Reasons to Invest in California Real Estate

Top 8 Cheapest Property Improvements You can Make

The Quickest Ways to Get a Hard Money Loan in California

Is a Hard Money Loan the Right Choice for Your Investment Property?

5 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Landlord

5 Features of Old Homes You Shouldn't Change

5 Necessary Maintenance Items to Keep Rentals Running Smoothly

The 5 Best Books on Real Estate Investment

4 Simple Methods for Improving Your Tenant Screening Process

Investors: 5 Areas in California with High Job Growth Rate

The Best Ways to Use a $20K Renovation Budget

Major Mistakes Long Term Real Estate Investors Make

4 Counties Of California With The Lowest Crime Rates

The Top 3 Points Young Californians Look For In a House

How to Handle Legally Raising your Rent in California

5 Things to Look for When Flipping an Older Home

The Pros and Cons of Including Utilities With Rent

4 Important Items You Can Negotiate When Making a Real Estate Deal

4 Reasons You Don't Need to See a House Before Buying to Rent

3 Areas in California to be Cautious of for Fix and Flip Projects

Three Up and Coming Areas for 2018 Fix and Flip Projects

Four of the Best School Districts in California

The Best Ways to Appeal to California Renters

Four Tips to Renting a Property Without a Property Manager

How to Know When it is Time to Sell

5 Things You Learn by Screwing Up a Deal

4 Lessons About Fix and Flips You Usually Learn the Hard Way

3 Ways to Reduce Risk on Your Flips

Should You Have a Partner on Your Flips?

Superhost: How to Ensure Your Investment Rental Property Gets 5 Stars on AirBnB

Will People Buy or Rent in 2018?

Four Things You Can Take Away from How the Market Performed This Year

Four Things You Can Do to Generate Long Term Profits

How the Housing Market may Perform in 2018

Should you be Renting your California investment property on AirBNB?

5 Areas In California Best For Rental Properties

How to Invest in California Real Estate Without a Ton of Savings

How to Quickly Estimate a Property's Value Potential

Buy and Hold: 7 Improvements That Make Your Property More Rentable

5 Things You can do to Sell a Fix and Flip House FAST

To Find the Best Renters for Your Investment Property, Ask These 6 Questions

Will You Make More Money from Renting or Selling Your Investment Property?

Real Estate Classes/Seminars To Help You Invest in California Markets

Trust Deed Investing: Investing in Funds vs. Investing in Notes

5 Reasons to Use a Hard Money Lender for Your Next Home Flip

5 Ways to Set Realistic Goals for Your Flip Business

4 Advantages of Staggering Multiple Flips

New to Fix and Flip? 4 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Start

5 Books/Resources That Give Great Flipping Advice

How to Handle the Dwindling Home Inventory in California

What do Private or Hard Money Lenders look for when evaluating your loan?

Buy and Hold: How to Make Sure Tenants Pay Rent on Time

5 Things You HAVE to Know Before Buying a Property to Flip

4 New Problems You Face as Your Flipping Business Grows

Does Your Credit Score Matter When Dealing with a Hard Money Lender?

How Many Flips Should You Be Doing at a Time?

Investing in Real Estate vs. Investing in Stocks

Quickly Ballpark the Repair Costs of Your Flip

Top Advice From Fix and Flippers You Should Try to Emulate

6 Warning Signs That You’ve Hired a Bad Contractor

4 Myths About Fix and Flip that Most People Believe

Should You Rent Your Investment Property Short-Term?

Two SoCal Property Management Companies Who Can Help You Find Good Tenants

TV Shows That Get the Fix and Flip Process Right

Sources to Trust for California Real Estate Advice

Two of the Best Companies to Use for Tenant Background Checks

Four Ways to Market Your Flip to Get the Best Buyers

How Much Money Do You Actually Make On a Flip? Your Best Chances to Pull Maximum Profit

Things We Learned About California Investment Real Estate Last Year

The Best Social Media Networks for Fix and Flippers

How To Avoid Sounding Like It's Your First Fix And Flip (Even If It Is)

Three Challenges You Will Have To Face When Buying A California Fix And Flip Home

Getting Off On The Right Foot - Strategies For Success When Flipping Houses

Four Strategies For Success When Flipping a House

Key Project Management Strategies for a Successful House Flip

The Best Ways to See if Fixing and Flipping is Right For You (Before Spending a Ton of Money)

Fix and Flip vs Buy and Hold: Comparing the Two Strategies

Three Things to Look Forward to in 2017’s California’s Real Estate Investment Market

3 Hidden Issues to Look for when Considering a Distressed Property for Purchase

5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Property Manager

How to Meet Your Real Estate Investment Goals in 2017

Four Buy and Hold Rehab Tips to Appeal to Renters

Three Hard Truths about House Flipping as a Career

Three New Year’s Resolutions to Run a Better Fix and Flip Business

The 3 Best (Free) Tools You Should Be Using To Find Properties

3 Websites That Can Help You Save Money on Your Next Fix & Flip

2017 Outlook: The Best and Worst CA Markets for Fix and Flips

Is Having a Finished Attic or Basement Important To California Buyers?

Three Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your First Fix and Flip Loan

4 Ways To Cater To Singles With Your Fix and Flip

Three Ways To Add The Most Value to Your Kitchen

3 Habits of Successful Fix & Flippers

Three Home Improvements That Usually Cost A Lot, But Add Little Value

4 Ways To Appeal To Families With Your Fix and Flip

Must-Have 2016 Real Estate Tools

4 Questions You Should be Asking if You're Investing in CA Real Estate From Out-of-State

Three Advantages to Buying a Fix and Flip During the California Fall

5 Things To Look Out For When Flipping a House That Had Pets

How Long Is Too Long To Sit On Your Flip?

Three Common Things Shared By High Return Fix and Flip Properties in California

What Kind Of Homes Are Good For New Fix and Flippers?

Three Things to Look for When Reviewing a Small Property vs a Larger Property

Five Small Things You Can Do To Save Money on Your Fix and Flip

Real Estate Investing Woes: Three Common Issues Buyers In California Face

Five Things That Will Make Your Fix and Flip Easier

3 End of Summer REI Opportunities to Take Advantage of Now

How Much DIY Is Too Much? How to Balance the Cost of a Contractor with Doing it Yourself

3 Things That Can Turn a Renovation into a Nightmare and How to Avoid Them

2 Common Types of Fix and Flip Houses You Will See a Lot of in California

4 Signs That a Property Will Become a Hassle To Renovate

Three Ways To Take Advantage of The California Summer Real Estate Season

4 Problems With a Fix and Flip Property that Are Easy to Overlook

5 “Little Things” You Can Do To Make Your Open House More Appealing

CA Property Rehab Checklist: Four Things to Look for When Evaluating a Property

What Does This Summer Mean For Fix and Flip Homes?

4 Inexpensive Ways to Add the Most Value to Your Property

The 3 Most Common Challenges Faced By California Fix and Flippers

3 Areas in Southern California That Are On the Rise for Fix and Flips

The 5 Top Tips From Successful California Fix and Flippers

3 Fix & Flip Problems You Won’t See On TV

5 Things You Should Never Cut Costs On When Rehabbing a Property

Seven Steps to Fix and Flip Houses

How to Get Buyers Interested in Your Fix and Flip Property

The Top 6 Upgrades That Add Value to Your Fix and Flip Properties

The Top 3 Front Yard Features Californians Are Looking For

3 Inspection Items You Must Not Overlook When Evaluating a Fixer-Upper

A Look at a Project Home: Features California Investors Love

Why California Provides a Great Opportunity For Fix And Flippers

Two Areas In California To Avoid For Fix and Flips

5 Ways to Make Your Flip More Appealing in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

4 Ways to Avoid Contractor Horror Stories

What Does the 2016 California Housing Market Look Like?

7 Reasons To Use A Small Local Contractor for Your Next Flip

5 Things You Need to Know About Financing a VRBO or AirBnB Vacation Rental

5 Reasons to Avoid D-­Class Properties

5 Features That Make Property Radar the Tool That Every House Flipper (And Lender) Can’t Live Without

The 3 Best Hard Money Guides for Fix and Flip Loans

Qualities of Top Hard Money Lenders

3 Examples of Successful Trust Deed Investing Today

3 Reasons Why Now is the Ultimate Time to get a Fix and Flip Loan

To Flip or to Hold: Why a Buy and Hold Strategy May be Right for You

8 Renovations You Can Make Without a Contractor During Your Fix and Flip

Are You a Real Estate Investor? Why it makes sense to work with a Hard Money Lender

5 Less Traveled Tips to Find Hot Real Estate Deals Before Your Competition

Real Estate Investment Property: How to Evaluate a Multi-Family Home vs. a Single Family Home

Six Key Things to Look for When Searching for a Hard Money Lender

4 Fix and Flip Financing Goals for your Hard Money Lender

Quick Hard Money Loan Structure Explained

The History Behind Fix and Flip Financing

Best Advice for Fix and Flip Financing

5 Biggest Myths About Hard Money Loans

Bad Credit? Why Residential Hard Money Can Be Your Saving Grace

The Number One Benefit of Fix and Flip Financing

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Acquiring Fix and Flip Financing from Hard Money Lenders

5 Things You Never Knew About Trust Deed Loans

4 Tips for Finding the Right Hard Money Lenders for Your REI Team

3 Surefire Ways for Your Fix and Flip Project to Fail

The 3 Best House Flipping Blogs

The Ultimate Checklist for You and Your Hard Money Lender

3 Must-Knows Regarding Fix And Flip Financing

Sell Now, Sell in a Few Years, Refinance: Which Option is Right for You?

5 Criteria for Identifying a Profitable Rehab Property

Quick Hard Money Loans vs Bridge Loans: Major Differences and Similarities

4 Real Estate Investment Tools Every Real Estate Professional Should be Using

Foreclosures: How They Work and What That Means for You as an Investor

3 Tips for Managing Your Margins on Tight REI Deals

3 Reasons to Analyze Demographic Data Before Investing

3 Real Estate Investing Myths and the Truth Behind Each

4 Essential Questions to Help you Establish Your Investment Philosophy

5 Tips for Success as a Wholesaler

When Should You Walk Away from an REI Deal?

5 Things to Look for to Quickly Evaluate a Real Estate Deal

The 3 Home Improvement Jobs You Should Always Hire a Contractor for

Investor Tips: How to Find and Navigate a Short Sale

3 Real Estate Investment Strategies for a Changing Market

The Benefits of Searching Locally for Private Money Lenders

3 Private Money Lending Trends to be Aware of in 2015

3 Tips to Understanding the Value of Your Property

Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Property

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