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Superhost: How to Ensure Your Investment Rental Property Gets 5 Stars on AirBnB

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Feb 13, 2018

 investing in rental propertiesHaving a good reputation as a "superhost" on AirBnB is essential. When it comes to how to ensure your investment rental property gets 5 stars on AirBnB, it's all about planning ahead. Make sure you hire a professional cleaning service or do a thorough job of cleaning the AirBnB rental. Establish rapport with guests during the first interaction. Also, understand how guests rate hosts. The criteria used for reviews include the following: overall experience, accuracy, cleanliness, communication, check-in, location and value.

Overall experience

The best way to receive 5 stars for the overall experience is to establish some personal rapport and connection with guests. It's not necessary to meet each guest in person, but show you care by asking them a few questions about their preferences for coffee or tea. Read the conversations to refresh your memory about why they are visiting the area. Always use their name when messaging.


To ensure a 5-star rating in the accuracy department, provide a lot of photographs. Make it clear whether you provide a washer and dryer and what kind of amenities people may expect. It's always better to under-promise and over-deliver by leaving out special treats or providing extras such as paper towels, condiments in the refrigerator and fresh flowers. Give accurate information about how far you are from various attractions.


People who stay in an AirBnB expect the host to clean in between each and every guest. If the bedding looks wrinkled, they might assume you did not wash the bedding. Use an iron. Don't neglect blankets and other provided linens. Do a thorough job cleaning the microwave, flooring and bathroom. Hiring a professional cleaning service cuts into profit, but it's better to rely on professionals if you aren't able to keep the rental property in immaculate condition. For greater ease, consider buying several "bed-in-a-bag" sets to change out.


Other rating issues include communication, check-in, location and value. People who are super hosts keep their phones with them at all times to respond to messages from guests. For check-in, provide an easier experience with lock boxes or keypads. While you can't change the "location" of your AirBnB, you can make it clear how far you are located from the airport and various restaurants. If potential guests want to visit the beaches, don't mislead them into thinking you are walking distance to a beach if you are 15 miles away. Finally, provide "value" by checking out your competition. Know what other hosts charge and what they provide. Make yourself stand out by offering 10 percent-off discounts. Create a space that is a little bit bigger, nicer and more interesting than what the competition offers in the same price range. Owning an AirBnB is more exciting and fun compared to a long-term rental. Have fun decorating and designing the space to make it stand out. Create an outdoor living space to also boost your rating.


At Trust Deed Capital, we help people get the money they need to improve and grow their AirBnB investment real estate properties. For more tips, contact us today.


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