The Investment Process

Before You Invest

Whether you are a seasoned trust deed investor or you are considering your first trust deed investment, there are critical considerations to make in ascertaining that the investment is right for you, such as:

There are seven essential elements to understand regarding trust deed investments:

  1. Market value, equity in the property, and the marketability of the collateral.
  2. Borrower’s financial standing and creditworthiness.
  3. Knowledge, experience and integrity of the Mortgage Loan Broker through whom the transaction is conducted.
  4. Escrow process involving the funding of the loan or the purchase of the note.
  5. Documents and instruments describing, evidencing, and securing the loan.
  6. Loan servicing provisions, authority and compensation.
  7. Recovering your investment when the borrower fails to pay.

The Steps:

  • Familiarize yourself with trust deed investing. (Click here for a copy of “Trust Deed Investing-What you need to know)
  • Review Trust Deed Capital available notes and select properties and locations you are comfortable with.
  • Read, sign, and return required investor forms and agreement.
  • Request a complete due diligence package which will include a certified appraisal and other documents that will allow you to better evaluate your trust deed investment.
  • Signed forms and wired funds are sent to escrow.
  • Investor receives closed loan package and interest begins to accrue.
  • Loan servicing account is set up and the investor can go online to monitor all payments and will also receive monthly statements.

(Click here to see available Trust Deeds)