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We lend to individuals or companies that want to take advantage of today's unprecedented buying opportunities. We specialize in lending to experienced borrowers who make a business of finding properties to purchase at a discount, improving these properties where needed, and either selling them at a profit or holding them as a cash flow rental investment. In addition to purchase money loans we can refinance your investment properties either to pull cash out to buy additional properties, rehab your properties, or other business purposes.

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Types Of Loans We Offer

  • Fix and Flip
  • Fix and Hold
  • Purchase and Refinance 2 Years
  • Purchase and Refinance 3 Years
  • Purchase and Refinance 5 Years

We understand that it simply makes sense for you to find the least expensive money available. Even though we don’t offer traditional agency loans, we want to help guide you through your options as your situation and borrowing needs change.

We want to be more than just your lender. We want to be a valuable member of your team. We understand the challenges, processes, and opportunities that exist within all phases of buying distressed real estate including short sales, trustee sales, REOs, and open market purchases. We are experienced at buying, rehabbing, flipping, and holding residential real estate.

Loan Programs

We are pleased to offer updated parameters for our residential loan programs. We lend to individuals, foreign nationals, LLCs, and corporations.

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Loan Process

There are critical considerations to make in ascertaining that the investment is right for you. 

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