Welcome Brokers

In today’s market with credit availability more restricted than ever before, every Mortgage Broker and Loan Officer must have a relationship with a trusted private money lender. Additionally, with so many people trying to take advantage of what may be the greatest buying opportunity of our lifetime, you simply must be prepared to help borrowers finance their investment property acquisitions.

We are currently offering private money loans to help borrowers purchase or refinance California residential and commercial investment properties.

Our staff members are not only seasoned mortgage professionals but are also experienced real estate investors and can assist your borrowers with making prudent buying decisions and in helping them to build their real estate acquisition and flipping business.

Simply complete the Give us your loan scenario page or call us at (949) 481-3266If your borrower’s scenario is within our loan parameters, we will issue you a “Letter of Interest” within 24 hours that will arm you with the terms that you can offer to your borrowers.

If the terms are acceptable to your borrowers, we will guide you through the process of closing the loan and paying you through escrow. It's just that simple.