The Process

Unlike many other private lenders, we don’t force you to fill out a bunch of forms for the privilege of sharing your client and doing business with us. We respect your time, and we make the referral process clean and easy.

Follow these 5 easy steps to fund your loan with us:

  1. Interview your borrowers to understand what they want to accomplish.
  2. Communicate to us what they want to accomplish, details of the property they want to borrower against, and what their strategy is to make the payments and pay off the loan. (Via our website, email, or call)
  3. If the loan request is within our parameters, we will issue you a “Letter of Interest” within 24 hours or less detailing the terms that we can offer to your borrower.
  4. If your borrower accepts our terms, complete and submit a 1003 and a Borrowers Authorization form.
  5. We will take it from here. Simply assist us in communicating with your borrower as needed and we will get your loan funded and closed.