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Buy and Hold: 7 Improvements That Make Your Property More Rentable

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Dec 12, 2017

investment rental propertyIn some cases, you aren't buying your house just to turn around flip it. You might want to rent it out instead. There are several improvements that will make your house more rentable, increasing its appeal to tenants and letting them know that renting from you is a great way to feel more at home.

1. Clean up the yard.

Weeds, trash in the yard, and other problems with the curb appeal of the home will quickly turn tenants off. By taking the time to clean up the yard, you'll add a lot of curb appeal with a little effort.

2. Add a little paint.

Painting the rooms will freshen them up relatively inexpensively, making the place look great for new tenants. Make sure you use paint that is easy to wipe off and clean to help avoid crayon stains and other problems.

3. Bring in some plants, especially on the porch.

This simple improvement will add a sense of life and coziness to the house you're trying to rent. Make sure, however, that you keep the plants alive! Dead plants will make the house feel neglected.

4. Update the kitchen.

The kitchen isn't the heart of a home for nothing. You don't have to have the latest expensive appliances, but upgrading appliances and ensuring that they're in good repair will appeal to many potential tenants.

5. Make the bathroom beautiful.

A beautiful bathroom with a few extra conveniences--a comfortable soaking tub or a great shower, for example--can make the bathroom much more comfortable and add a sense of elegance to the house.

6. Make it neutral.

Since you aren't designing the house for yourself, it's important to choose neutral tones that can easily be accessorized to fit the individual tastes of your tenants. This will ensure that they are able to easily bring in their own possessions and sense of style to personalize the property once it's theirs.

7. Make sure the windows are in working order.

Prospective tenants want windows that will let in plenty of light to brighten their rooms--ideally, windows that move up and down smoothly. Take the time to be sure that the windows in your property are in great working order.


Creating a property that is designed to appeal to renters is much like creating one that is designed to sell easily. Consider the needs of prospective tenants up front and let them know that your property is a great place to live. Ready to purchase your first fixer upper? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make that dream reality.


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