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The Quickest Ways to Get a Hard Money Loan in California

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Oct 16, 2018

Victorian houses in San Francisco, California.Whether it is a fix and flip or a cash flow property, real estate investing is addictive. Many real estate investors are constantly on the lookout for financing to purchase the perfect property at a great price, and then turn that excellent purchase decision into profit.


Investors do not always have extra cash in hand or have the time and ability to secure traditional bank real estate loans. When real estate investors are looking for non-traditional funding to secure that perfect buy, this is a hard money loan. There are several ways to get hard money financing to purchase a property, and to do it quickly.

Friends and Family Loans

The simplest and quickest way to find financing for a property is friends and family. If you have friends and family who have the resources to purchase investment property, and if your friend or family member has a strong enough relationship with you to weather the stress of investing, this is a good option. Just remember, the stress of debt amplifies issues between people, so borrowing from friends and family could cause undue stress.

Business Investor

Finding a business investor is not technically a hard money loan, but it could help you get the funds to purchase that house. Just realize, if you are going to create a business to buy the house and give someone equity, they now own a substantial part of that house and anything you do with the business entity.

Find a Trust Deed Investment Firm

The least likely to cause long-term relationship problems or decrease your equity is a trust deed investment firm. Firms, like Trust Deed Capital, have systems in place to give loans on property for real estate investors. Setting up an exchange of funds between individual investors and property owners through reputable escrow companies, a trust deed investment firm specializes in hard money loans and financing for real estate investors. Since trust issues like insurance, escrow and title are already defined, many of the pitfalls private investors regularly face are greatly reduced.


While there are several ways to find money fast, the best way to get private funding for a hard money loan is through a private lending resource like Trust Deed Capital.


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