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4 Ways To Appeal To Families With Your Fix and Flip

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Nov 22, 2016

california trust deed investingWhen fixing and flipping there are a lot of things to consider. You want to buy the right house and make the right changes, but how do you know what's right and what's not? One of the biggest ways to determine if a house, or an upgrade, is right for you during your current fix and flip is to ask yourself who you're trying to appeal to? It's important to know who you're selling to in order to make the house a perfect choice for someone who fits into your target audience. If you're selling to families, here are 4 ways to appeal to families with your fix and flip.

Buy a House in the Right Neighborhood

One of the first things parents are going to look at when visiting your finished fix and flip is the location. Is the area kid-friendly? Are there good schools in the area? Is there a playground or a park nearby? Is there enough room for the kids to run around and play? Does the neighborhood feel safe? These are all things that parents will take into consideration before even stepping through the front door. You could have the perfect house with the perfect upgrades and still not appeal to a family simply because you chose the wrong location. Location, location, location. Make that priority number one, and you'll be off to a good start.

Make Sure There are Enough Bedrooms

You want a house that has enough bedrooms for a large family. If your fix and flip house has enough square footage but is lacking in actual bedrooms, consider turning a large bedroom into two smaller rooms. Parents will like a three or four bedroom with smaller rooms better than a two bedroom with large rooms.

Kids Love Play Areas

Yes, kids love decorating their rooms. They love to show off their style and personality, but most of their playing goes on in the living room. When fixing and flipping a family home, make sure there is a large play area. A family size living room or an additional play room will greatly appeal to the families you hope to sell to.

Stage With Families in Mind

Staging is one of the final things you'll do during a fix and flip. You're almost done when you get to this step, but don't overlook it. You're staging to appeal to your targeted buyers, in this case, it's families. So, you want to make the house look and feel homey and kid-friendly. Add a few toys here and there, place a table for crafts in the corner of the living room, and dress up the kitchen with cookies and candy jars. Give families who come to visit an idea of what daily life would feel like inside the house if they buy it.

Always keep your targeted buyer in mind when deciding what changes to make, what upgrades to put in, and what neighborhood to search for homes. Success comes from making several right choices over and over again. Knowing your targeted buyers helps you make those choices. If you're ready to start fixing and flipping homes for families, use this list as a guide, and if you need financial assistance during your fix and flip, please contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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