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4 Counties Of California With The Lowest Crime Rates

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Jul 24, 2018

Safe place to live in CaliforniaThe sunny state of California is home to beautiful vibrant beaches, leading industries, new technology, and some of the best residents. The state has the largest population at 39.54 million and growing. Even with the state being called home to so many, and its continuous growth, it is where some of safest areas of the United States are.

Of course, areas with low population are going to have little to no crime rates. These areas and cities are those with a substantial population.

Imperial county

This pleasant county is known to have a mission to give its residences a higher quality of life with its variety of public services. It is home to Imperial City, which has the absolute lowest crimes rates of California while holding a considerable population. Imperial city is 90% safer than other U.S cities. It is also home to six other cities, which have a low amount of crime individually. This county has an abundance of renewable resources, agricultural heritage, and frequent family-oriented community events.

Placer County

Over 380,000 people call this county home for good reason. This area has year-round recreation and fun. Due to the wonderful abundance of wildlife and different environments, the county has remarkable emergency preparation, response teams, and experienced law enforcement teams. They are skilled in keeping homeowners safe from any emergency situations and have been very successful in the matter.

Butte County

One of California's most diverse counties with rural and urban environments has the ability to be home to anyone. This county is best known for their government-provided services for their community. They have over 23 diverse departments that are dedicated to their population and they have a unique Network of Care for anybody who may need assistance in any way. The crime rates in relation to their population density make it one of the safest counties in California currently.

Santa Clara County

An abundance of county parks, physical attractiveness, and economic diversity brought together created the name of "Silicon Valley" for Santa Clara. It is full of natural beauties and is considered to be one of the best areas in the United States to live. An impressive and easily seen aspect of this area is the significantly lower property crime rated in comparison to California as a whole.

When making an investment in an area, it is vital to consider the areas crime rates and the safety within it. California is a beautiful state with a growing diverse population, making it one of the best places to invest in. These counties house the safest communities, making a secure and trusting investment. Please contact us for investing information and see how Trust Deed Capital can help you.


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