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Three Things to Look Forward to in 2017’s California’s Real Estate Investment Market

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Mar 14, 2017

real estate investment propertiesThere are some who predict a slowdown when it comes to the real estate market. However, the hottest markets are certainly still going strong. Many predict that the western United States will actually see growth, despite other areas seeing decreases in sales. So, if you're planning on investing in a home, California is as safe a bet as you can get.

Increase in Sales Growth

There are a few metro markets that are still blazing strong. Around 25 of them saw increases last year and are predicted to continue to see an increase in sales in 2017. Among the 25 metro markets, five of them are in California. has predicted that some cities in California will see sales growth as high as 5-6%.

More Credit

While the price of homes in California is rising, the good news is that mortgage credit will likely be more abundant and easier to acquire in the coming year. Fees will likely lower for first-time homebuyers as well. How does this apply to you? It makes selling easier. If you buy a home, repair it, and then raise the price, you'll have trouble selling it if everyone who wants it is struggling to get a mortgage loan. With fee breaks and easier application standards, you'll still have plenty of people lining up to buy houses, even at the increased price.


Several different sites have quoted California cities among their top ten cities to live in. California real estate is constantly among the most viewed on real estate sites, and there's an influx of people moving to California to pursue their dreams and find high-paying jobs. All those new Californians are going to need a place to call home, and you'll be there to provide it for them. Popularity in a state like California isn't going to drop anytime soon. If anything, it will increase.


While some markets struggle, California is still going strong. Yes, increased prices will affect you, but when you remodel and improve, you'll have the opportunity to benefit from those higher prices, especially if you pick a good neighborhood, a desired community, or an up and coming area. With a little research, you'll easily find several very sound investments in many cities across California. One thing to remember is that millennials flock to California. So, if you cater to their housing desires, you'll probably have even more luck. For help financing your fix and flip project, please contact us. We look forward to assisting you.


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