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The Top 3 Front Yard Features Californians Are Looking For

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Apr 19, 2016

trust deed for sale californiaCurb appeal sells houses, and great curb appeal sells houses fast. Before you list your fix and flip property, make sure you are getting the maximum return on your investment by paying attention to the exterior of the home. If you need some guidance on the best way to spend your money and still get the features your buyers want, check out this list of the top 3 front yard features Californians are looking for.

1. The Courtyard

California homes might as well be defined by their courtyards. From formal to casual, ornate to simplistic, the courtyard should be a reflection - and extension - of the home. If a formal courtyard is not possible due to space or budget, you can still create the feeling of a grand courtyard through the use of traditional elements. Paths can be upgraded with cobblestones or pavers. Stone walls will help define the space and create depth and interest. Carefully placed planters reflect wealth and elegance. Your courtyard will have the most appeal if it naturally directs buyers into the home, so placement of all chosen elements should be deliberate and centered around the front door.

2. Drought-Tolerance

When you think of drought-tolerant landscaping, you need to think beyond just water conservation although a water harvesting system will definitely be a bonus for your eco-savvy home buyer. Start with a trip to your local nursery for advice and suggestions about which native plants will thrive best on your property. Some common, but still beautiful choices include California fuchsia, Douglas iris, and lavender. Flowering cacti are also a good choice and will add dimension and color to the landscape. Native plants are naturally drought-tolerant, reducing maintenance and watering requirements. Keep your surrounding landscape simple and no-maintenance with the use of river pebbles. These small, smooth stones are available in a multitude of colors to coordinate with the exterior of your home. An added benefit? No maintenance, no watering.

3. Water Features

Despite the previous discourse on drought-tolerant landscaping, a water feature can be an attractive centerpiece for your garden or courtyard. In addition, it will add instant charm to your landscaping. When selecting your water feature, make eco-friendly choices that will appeal to your home buyers. Fountains and rock-waterfalls should recycle water, and possibly even be configured to capture and use rain water. Solar water features are also available, saving electricity and money for your future buyer.

If you are ready to get started with your next investment property, contact us for information on financing, renovations, and tips to be successful and maximize your profit. We are always here to help.

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