Realtor Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I refer my client to a Private Money (Hard Money) Lender?

A: Obviously, your client wants to obtain the lowest cost of funds available. However, frequently traditional loans are just not available in the time frame that your client needs the funds or for whatever reason your borrower or the property may not meet the banks underwriting requirements. We will help them understand those issues and hope to provide a solution that will work for them.

Q: Will these rates and fees make sense to my investor?

A: An investor’s return on investment is usually greatly increase by leveraging the use of borrowed money. That is to say that by using less of your own money to complete a flipped transaction you are netting a higher ROI on the amount of your own money used for the transaction. We will help your borrower analyze the numbers to evaluate the feasibility of the loan.

Q: How many properties will you lend on to one investor?

A: Unlike traditional lenders, we do not limit our borrowers to just 4 properties. We know that some lenders will go up to 10 properties and we will make your investors aware of that.