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How to Succeed at Real Estate Investing

Posted by Ken Meyer on Tue, Jul 16, 2013

describe the imageWhile real estate investing should not be undertaken without adequate knowledge, proper preparation and a certain degree of caution, there is a wealth of information and host of qualified experts to help guide the novice investor through the process. These resources can be used to find a deal that suits you both financially and psychologically. Here are a few ideas on how to get started:

Inspect the Property Yourself – While it will not always be possible in the future, it is advisable that a first-time investor actually visit the property they intend to purchase. After all, it is your money and you should have a good handle on what you are buying and the possible ramifications, good and bad, of your investment.

Investigate the Location – A property may be beautiful on its own but its location will have a tremendous bearing on its ultimate worth. In general, an investor should aim to purchase a property that is not out of the ordinary for its surroundings. This allows the investor to market the property to the largest number of potential renters or buyers. 

Evaluate the Overall Market – All markets are not the same and the residential, office and commercial markets do not always march in lockstep. More importantly, different stages of the market are attractive to different types of investors. It will certainly reap large dividends if you can learn to identify what to buy from whom and when. Don’t forget to evaluate your own needs in the current market and the foreseeable future.

Tap Expert Resources – Real estate has been around for a long time and many people have developed a wide range of expertise in the industry. You neglect these sources of invaluable information at your own peril. While experience is a valuable teacher, it can also be an expensive one.

Consider Private Money Deals –The true secret to real estate investing success is finding a reliable and trusted source for the deals, for the participants and for the experts. It can take a lifetime, however, to accumulate this experience. Fortunately, there are companies (Private Money Lenders) that specialize in just this activity.

Private Money Lenders bring sellers, buyers and deals together in one place. The deals can be active or passive and are always guaranteed by a real asset. In addition, Private Money Lenders have a host of experts available to make sure that the deal is consummated in a professional and legal manner. In short, these companies provide a lucrative and convenient way to be a successful real estate investor.


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